Why I'm Running


“I’m running for Cook County Commissioner to empower working families, not balance government budgets on their backs; to inspire our youth to win the future and not shrink from its challenges; and to demonstrate compassion for those struggling to get ahead, not turn our backs on them when they are most in need.” 

- Steven Wolfe, Candidate for Cook County Commissioner

Why Wolfe for Cook County?


Because We Can Do Better.

Steven Wolfe is not a career politician. He’s a career problem-solver with real experience in making difficult decisions.

Cook County government is facing several challenges that will require its leaders to make some tough decisions. That’s why Steven Wolfe is the right candidate, at the right time. A $200 million budget shortfall, overcrowded prisons and soaring tax levies are just the beginning of the problems we must solve. As career politicians prioritize their political interests over the needs of Cook County residents, Steven is hearing the hopes of the people and translating them into innovative policies that actually help working families live better. He proposes restorative justice courts to stop the prison pipeline, he’s pushing for rapid rehousing and affordable housing programs to save families from homelessness and he’s envisioning an integrated regional health system that provides quality care for all who need it. 

Cook County continues to suffer the largest population losses of any county in America. If we don’t start right now electing serious leaders with critical problem-solving skills, our neighborhoods will become empty shells of failed businesses and foreclosed homes. As our communities teeter, the County Board is in dire need of Steven’s expertise in finance and budgeting as well as healthcare management and engineering. His skill set and experience will lead the way to better care for the indigent, more sustainable infrastructure that keeps us competitive with neighboring counties and expand economic opportunity to those who are willing to work for it.

Steven can do better.