Innovative Leader. Champion for Fairness.

Meet Steven Wolfe


Steven Wolfe is an innovative leader shaping a new future for Cook County that leaves no one behind. Through hard work and honest service, Steven has emerged as our champion for economic fairness and opportunity. As an electrical engineer and one of Chicago’s premier business and financial strategists, Steven uses his training and experience to advocate for STEM education in public schools and to promote financial literacy among low-income families. 

Steven is a native Chicagoan and proud product of public schools who remembers the great leaders who labored to save Cook County from rampant crime and violence, overwhelming tax burdens and the intractable budget woes that hold this great community back from its boundless potential. Now Steven honors those leaders by directing a new charge for vibrant local economies and livable communities we can all be proud to call home.

We Can Do Better… Steven Can Do Better.